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The Best Christmas Pageant Event

Audition Dates: August 28th & August 30th – 6:30pm-8:30pm

Hayswood Theatre

Synopsis: This holiday comedy centers around the efforts of Mrs. Bradley to put on the annual Christmas pageant in spite of the Herdman kids, who are known as the "worst kids in the whole history of the world". Will the Christmas Pageant be a big disaster? Watch as the kids & Mrs. Bradley navigate nosy church ladies, judgmental choir members, an unusually loud angel, the Virgin Mary smoking cigars in the ladies' room, rowdy Wisemen, and more, while they try to put on the best Christmas pageant ever.


ADULT ROLES (Ages are “stage age”)

GRACE BRADLEY (MOTHER). 30+. A main role who takes over the annual Christmas pageant; mother to Beth and Charlie; wife to Bob.

BOB BRADLEY/ (FATHER). 30+. Husband to Grace and father to Beth and Charlie. A solid family man.

MRS. ARMSTRONG. 50s+. Managerial, in voice and manner; largish, bossy, impatient.

MRS. SLOCUM. 35-60+. Pleasant, motherly woman

MRS. CLARK. 35-60+. Pleasant, motherly woman

MRS. CLAUSING. 35-60+. Pleasant, motherly woman

MRS. McCARTHY. 40s, 50s. A younger, less imperious version of Mrs. Armstrong

REVEREND HOPKINS. 40s+. A nervous-about-most-everything pastor

FIREFIGHTER 1. Ready for any fire

FIREFIGHTER 2. Ready for any fire


CHILD ROLES (Ages are “stage age” — Carol singing in auditions and the show.)

BETH BRADLEY. 10-12ish. A lead role who the show’s narrator. Grace/Bob’s daughter. Beth needs a strong voice and stage presence; is in most scenes dealing with a range of moods and situations.

CHARLIE BRADLEY. 8-9; Beth’s brother - the typical kid brother.

ALICE WENDLEKEN. 10-11. Prim, proper, pain in the neck

MAXINE: 10-11. Beth’s church Sunday school classmate.

ELMER. 12-13. The minister’s son; dislikes church; not fond of the Herdmans.



THE HERDMANS — “the worst kids in the history of the world.”

RALPH. 12-13. The oldest Herdman; ragged, scroungy, slouching manner, touch of adolescent cool.

IMOGENE. 11-12 Loud, bossy, tough, crafty. The Herdman leader.

LEROY. 10-11. Tough, very sure of himself.

CLAUDE. 8-9. Tough, combative. A crime buddy to Ollie.

OLLIE. 8-9. Boy or girl. Always looking for trouble. Claude’s usual partner in crime.

GLADYS. 7-8. Small, wiry, feisty. Often funny; sometimes means it.


ADDITIONAL ROLES. Various ages, 6-up. Angel Choir members; baby angels, shepherd

Please bring a resume and headshot if available, if not, no worries - just bring yourself. This audition will consist of cold-readings.


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